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Dry Waste Recycling

We have introduced the hotel-wide recycling of all paper, plastic and tin using Brentwood Borough Councils “Orange Sack” scheme.  This will drastically reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill by approximately 60%.  We also recycle all our cardboard and glass.

 Water Saving Action

We have fitted water saving devices to almost 50% of our taps. These devices reduce the flow of water from the taps to 6 litres per minute.

We have placed water saving devices in 71% of our toilets saving approximately 1 litre of water per flush.

Towel Re-Use

Our towel re-use scheme will help to reduce the number of towels washed unnecessarily on a daily basis saving on the consumption of power, water and detergents.  We are actively encouraging our guests to re-use their towels, where possible, by the introduction of information placed in to each of our guest bathrooms.

Waste Reduction

We have recently introduced a new range of guest room supplies into our Deluxe Rooms.  The “BeeKind” range contains no phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol.  The range is also free from any artificial colours or dyes.  We are offering this product in pump dispensers for shower gel and shampoo/conditioner.    This will reduce the number of plastic bottles previously used.  Individual body cream is now presented in a “paper” bottle. These “bottles” represent a 59% reduction in packaging by weight as well as a 92% reduction in waste space after use compared to rigid plastic bottles.  Other guest supplies such as tooth brushes, shaving kits etc are presented in packaging made from 50% post-industrial recycled materials which are ECF and acid-free, and printed with soy ink.  10% of the net sales of the “BeeKind” range are donated to support honey bee and sustainable pollination research.

We are no longer using disposable, paper hand towels in our public restrooms.  In place of the paper towels we have introduced hand towels which we launder, in bulk, on-site.  This reduces the amount of paper and packaging used unnecessarily as well as reducing the need for deliveries.

Our printer cartridges and toners are returned to the manufactures for recycling.

All of our used energy saving light bulbs and our used batteries are taken to our local recycling centre.

Power Saving

We have installed movement activated light sensors in our guest restrooms and in several staff areas.  This saves the unnecessary use of power when lights are not needed.

We have also installed LED bulbs in our main guest restrooms.  These bulbs use a fraction of the power of even energy saving bulbs.

Approximately 80% of our remaining lights are powered using traditional energy saving light bulbs. 

Waste Food Recycling

We now recycle all of or waste food.  This waste is collected separately from our other waste and is taken away and composted.  This greatly reduces the amount of waste previously sent to land-fill sites.

Waste Oil Recycling

This year we have recycled approximately 2,000 litres of waste cooking oil.  This oil is refined into bio-diesel so that it can be used as road transport fuel.  Bio-diesel produces 60% less greenhouse gases than petroleum diesel, emits reduced carbon monoxide improving air quality and is sulphur free.  Bio Diesel is more efficient, cheaper and easier to handle than traditional diesel.  It is also 98% bio-degradable within 21 days.